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Customer Relationship Management Unit in Marestan


Customer satisfaction, as it is an essential issue for every company, is one of the most important objectives of Marestan. Managers of Marestan know exactly that their success in achieving their objectives depends completely on customer satisfaction, so they have established a customer relationship management unit to build a bilateral relationship with customers.

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Customers are our one and only priority…

Customer relationship management unit in Marestan is ready to receive, survey, and respond to customer comments, suggestions, criticisms, requests, and complaints concerning sales, after sales services, and quality of our products.

Your satisfaction is important to us, if you are not satisfied please let us know, we want to change it.

Also, phone number 22266881 is ready to receive and respond to your comments and complaints during official working hours and record your request for further follow up otherwise.


Manager of customer relationship management unit in Marestan:

Ms. Afsaneh Motie

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