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Marestan as a distributer of ophthalmic, laboratory, and surgical equipments, aiming to provide customers with high quality devices from well known companies like Carl Zeiss, and proper after sales services, has presented its products and services to a great number of universities, scientific centers, hospitals, and clinics.

Following list shows latest customers of Marestan:

  • List of hospitals affiliated to Iran
  • List of clinics affiliated to Tehran
  • List of universities and scientific centers

List of hospitals affiliated to Iran

Some of the Hospitals located in Tehran:

Some of the Hospitals located in Tehran:

  • Valiasr hospital (Imam Khomeini Center)
  • Noor hospital
  • Shahid Shoorideh hospital
  • Baharlou hospital
  • Masih Daneshvari hospital
  • Milad hospital
  • Shohadaye Tajrish hospital
  • Pars hospital
  • Atieh hospital
  • Arad hospital
  • Labafinejad hospital
  • Sadr hospitals
  • Loghman hospital
  • Bahman hospital
  • Farabi hospital
  • Iranmehr hospital
  • Erfan hospital
  • Dey hospital
  • Khatam ol Anbia hospital
  • Helal Ahmar hospital
  • Sherkat Naft Central hospital
  • Amir alam hospital
  • Hazrat Rasool Akram hospital
  • Mehr hospital
  • Bahman hospital

Some of the hospitals located in Khorasan province:

  • Imam Reza hospital in Mashhad
  • Khatam ol Anbia hospital in Mashhad
  • Razavi hospital in Mashhad
  • Ghaem hospital in Mashhad
  • Hasheminejad hospital in Mashhad

Some of the hospitals located in East Azarbaijan province:

  • Aalinasab hospital in Tabriz
  • Alavi hospital in Tabriz
  • Shahriyar hospital in Tabriz
  • Shohada hospital in Tabriz
  • Nikoukari hospital in Tabriz

Some of the hospitals located in Isfahan province:

  • Dideh pazhouh sepahan Biometry Center in Isfahan
  • Hakiman-e-Noor hospital in Tabriz
  • Sadr Ophthalmology Center in Isfahan
  • Al-Zahra hospital in Isfahan
  • Feiz hospital in Isfahan
  • Kashani hospital in Isfahan

Some of the hospitals located in Gilan province:

  • Golsar hospital in Rasht
  • Hazrat Rasool Akram hospital in Rasht
  • Farabi Clinic in Rasht
  • Amir-Al-Momenin hospital in Rasht

Some of the hospitals located in Fars province:

  • Dena hospital in Shiraz
  • Shahid Dastgheib hospital in Shiraz
  • Hazrat Ali
  • Shahid Rajaee hospital in Shiraz
  • Vali Asr Hospital in Fasa
  • Khodadost hospital in Shiraz
  • Moslemin hospital in Shiraz
  • Ordibehesht hospital in Shiraz
  • Shahid Chamran hospital in Shiraz
  • Asghar hospital in Shiraz
  • Bina Gostar Ophthalmology Center in Shiraz
  • Mortaz hospital in Shiraz
  • Khalili hospital in Shiraz
  • Namazi hospital in Shiraz
  • Shahid Motahari Center in Shiraz
  • Pars hospital in Shiraz
  • MRI hospital in Shiraz
  • Madar and Kodak Hospital in Shiraz
  • Shahid Motahari Hospital in Marvdasht
  • Vali Asr Hospital in Eghlid

Some of the hospitals located in Kerman province:

  • Moradi hospital in Rafsanjan
  • Shafa hospital in Kerman
  • Nimeh Shban Center in Kerman
  • Azin Limited Surgery Center in Kerman
  • Shahid Bahonar hospital in Kerman

Some of the hospitals located in Khouzestan province:

  • Imam-Ali hospital in Andimeshk
  • Imam Khomeini hospital in Ahvaz
  • Mehr hospital in Ahvaz
  • Shahid Hakim hospital in Ahvaz

Some of the hospitals located in Kermanshah province:

  • Bisotun hospital in Kermanshah
  • Imam Khomeini Hospital in Kermanshah
  • Imam Hossein Hospital in Kermanshah

Some of the hospitals located in Bushehr province:

  • Hazrate Fatemeh Hospital in Bushehr

Some of the hospitals located in Yazd province:

  • Shohadaye Kargar hospital in Yazd
  • Shahid Dr. Rahnamun hospital in Yazd
  • Shahid Sadoughi hospital in Yazd
  • Mortaz hospital in Yazd

List of Clinics located in Tehran

List of Clinics located in Tehran

  • Negah Ophthalmology Clinic
  • Vanak Clinic
  • Novin Didegan Clinic
  • Basir Clinic
  • Noor Clinic
  • Razi Clinic
  • Farhikhtegan Limited Surgery Clinic
  • Alpha Clinic
  • Hakim Clinic

Some of the Universities and Scientific Centers

Following list contains some of the centers which Marestan provides their medical equipments:

  • Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
  • Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
  • Zanjan University of Medical Sciences
  • Petroshimi Research and Technology
  • Jahade Keshavarzi
  • Pasteur Institute
  • Petroshimi Arak
  • Khorasan University of Medical Sciences
  • Khorasan Science and Technology Park
  • Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences
  • Tabriz Petroshimi
  • Sanat Naft Research center
  • Baghiatallah University
  • Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences
  • Tehran University
  • Shahid Bahonar University
  • Kafa Nanotechnology Development

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