History of Marestan from the beginning until now 



First Part: History of Marestan from beginning until now

Marestan Co., Ltd. With registration number 50982 in the ministry of health and medical educations of Iran, medical equipment department, was founded in 1984/02/18 by Kamal Mortazavi with board members:   

  • Kamal Mortazavi - Managing director and chairman of board of directors
  • Pierre Mesrupian - Member of board of directors
  • Vahagh Marutkhaniani - Member of board of directors
  • Hosein Nataghnia Tehrani - Member of board of directors

Marestan officially started it’s activity by representing disposable medical equipments of LKB company from Switzerland, and BODE and LABSCO companies from Germany.

  • Hosein Sanei - Managing director and member of board of directors
  • Kamal Mortazavi - Chairman and member of board of directors
  • Dr. Faramarz Ayramluzade - Member of board of directors

And finally in 2009/04/28 the board members changed to following members:

  • Mohammad bagher Asnaashari - Chairman and member of board of directors
  • Hosein Sanei - Managing director and member of board of directors
  • Dr. Faramarz Ayramluzade - Vice chairman and member of board of directors
  • Dr. Mohammad ali Samet - Member of board of directors
  • Abolfath Sanei - Member of board of directors

Second Part: Technical and Commercial Activities

equipments and systems such as spectrophotometers, electrophoresises, HPLC, FPLC, Gamma counter, Beta Counter, to the market and make itself ready to present great after sales services at the same time.

Marestan being the representative of LKB from Switzerland and other companies started to import and introduce laboratory

Great satisfaction of the customers from the equipments and services has made the company determined to expand its activities. In 1987, Picker International, a well-known American company made Marestan the exclusive representative of its radiology, CT-scan, and MRI devices. In addition to that, having well-trained service and installation engineers for imaging devices have made Maretsan one of the most powerful companies in the imaging field which has sold 7 CT-scan machines, hundreds of fixed and mobile radiology machines, and also first MRI machine in Iran with great customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately after Picker International formed a joint venture with an israelian company, Marerstan found it impossible to continue its cooperation with them but continued giving services to customers without any help only counting on the knowledge of its engineers until the last they these equipments worked.

In 1991Marestan has become the exclusive representative of Carl Zeiss. Marestan has reinforced its technical facilities by training its personnel in Carl Zeiss Company and eventually taking advantage of the incomparable quality of Zeiss, devoted a large share of the microscopes sold in the market, to itself. Today, hundreds of surgical microscopes and thousands of laboratory microscopes are being used in different institutes all over the country.











Marestan is now representative of following companies:

  • Carl Zeiss from Germany
  • Amersham Biosciences or GE Healthcare from UK
  • HVD from Finland
  • Malvern from UK
  • Examon from Austria
  • Metasystems from Germany
  • Deltapix from Demark

From January 2010 Marestan has also become the representative of diagnostic ophthalmology equipments of Carl Zeiss. Achieving ISO 9001:2008 certificate in quality management and ISO 13485:2003 certificate in quality management of medical equipments from IMQ Academy in Italy was a great step in constant improvement for Marestan.

Marestan with the new directing board and using the knowledge and experience of its 35 personnel is one of the few companies having almost every customer’s satisfaction as a credit despite all the limitations and sanctions imposed upon our country.


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